The Big TreeThe Big Tree

Husband: John Charles MEISSNER, SR.

Born: 4 MAR 1891       at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County  
Married: 26 NOV 1913      at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County, St. Ignatius Church  
   Died: 25 JUL 1960      at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County  
 Father:Franz John MEISSNER
 Mother:Maria Magdalena OPITZ
        Other Spouses: Nettie B. WALCH  

Wife: Celia Lillian POMNITZ

Born: 25 MAY 1888      at: St. Louis, Missouri  
   Died: 13 NOV 1953      at: Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Wayne County  
 Father:Adelbert Richard POMNITZ, SR.
 Mother:Ida Marie Ernestina TELSCHAW
        Other Spouses: 


Name: June Carol MEISSNER
   Born: 19 DEC 1914      at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County  
Married: 23 NOV 1939      at: Home of John Charles Meissner, Sr., 794 Coplin Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, Wayne   
   Died: JUL 1991         at: Mystic, Connecticut  
Spouses: George Ernest KELM  

Name: John Charles MEISSNER, JR.
   Born: 25 OCT 1920      at:   
Married: 14 JAN 1944      at:   
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Evelyn Rose HICKS  

Name: Arthur Milton MEISSNER
   Born: 2 MAR 1932       at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County, East Side General Hospital  
Married: 20 AUG 1955      at: New Haven, Connecticut  
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Claire Evelyn TERRELL  

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