The Big TreeThe Big Tree

Husband: Benedict Andrew PETROVE

Born: 1 DEC 1912       at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County  
Married: 25 JUN 1945      at: Interlochen, Michigan  
   Died: 9 SEP 1977       at: Leonard, Michigan  
 Father:Frank PETROVE
 Mother:Felicia ADAMOWICZ
        Other Spouses: 

Wife: Jessie Marie HANMER

Born: 27 SEP 1911      at: Cleveland, Ohio, Cuyahoga County  
   Died: 5 NOV 1974       at: Leonard, Michigan  
 Father:Jesse Ray HANMER
 Mother:Maisie Marie POMNITZ
        Other Spouses: Andrew William PETROVE  


Name: David Benedict PETROVE
   Born: 25 FEB 1948      at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County  
Married: 13 NOV 1965      at: Waterford, Michigan  
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Susan Diane WILSON  Deborah Daun WHEELER  

Name: Jesse Frank PETROVE
   Born: 15 DEC 1949      at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County  
Married:                  at:   
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Patricia    

Name: Myrna Kay PETROVE
   Born: 29 JUL 1946      at: Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County, Saratoga Hospital  
Married: 8 JAN 1966       at: Rochester, Michigan  
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: Richard Donald LEEMHUIS  

Name: Joyce PETROVE
   Born:                  at:   
Married:                  at:   
   Died:                  at:   
Spouses: John KENES  

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