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The Name Charles
(The Namesake of Our Charlies and Chucks)
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I must say I often pondered how there came to be so many Charlies and Chucks in the Pomnitz Family.  Well, for what good reasons we may give a particular name to our children, I cannot tell you all the stories.  I have, at least, discovered how the first Charles and Jacob came to be.  Contrary to what one would tend to believe, Jacob was apparently not named after any Jakob Pomnitz of our earlier ancestry.   While pouring over the fragile family documents and letters as I attempted to sort through that which was most meaningful to our rich history, a certain yellowed letter crossed my eyes.  It yield an interesting little story.

It seems that as the war (W.W.II) effort at home escalated, the many industries involved in the defense effort where becoming increasingly cautious as to their employees' loyalty to our Country.  This required many to prove their natural citizenship.  Nowadays, it seems common place to have your birth recorded and certificate readily available.  This was not the case for my Grandfather, Charles Edwin Pomnitz.  He (and his twin Jacob) were born in Springfield, Missouri, a place where and  in a time when (1893) no such records were kept.  This began his plight of attempting to prove his citizenship and thus, loyalty.  He sent letters off to several family members which propagated several more letters by family members.

One such letter was sent to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin by Alberta Mae Binney, Grandfather's oldest sister.  The following is the letter in it's entirety and allows us to understand how Grandfather Charles came by his name.  It allows those of us, such as I who was named after Grandfather Charles to understand how our name "Charles" began.

The Charles's
1. Charles Edwin Pomnitz (Son of Adelbert Richard)
2. Charles Griffith Pomnitz (Son of Charles Edwin 1.)
3. Charles Edwin Pomnitz (Son of Jacob the twin brother of Charles Edwin 1.)
4. Charles Hanmer (Nephew of Charles Edwin)
5. Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr. (Son of Charles Griffith 2.)
5. Charles Joseph Pomnitz (Son of Edwin Charles 5.)
6. Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Jr. (Son of Edwin Charles 5.)
7. Charles Ernst Kusiak (Grandson of Charles Edwin 3.)
8. Eric Charles Page (Grandson of Charles Edwin 3.)
9 Charles Boras (Grandnephew of Charles Edwin 1.)

Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr. - April 28th, 2000

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin,                                           Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. May 3d, 1941
Springfield, Missouri

Dear Friends--

     I am addressing this letter to you in the hope that you may be able to help us out.  You undoubtedly will recall my father "Albert Pomneitzky" who worked for you for so many years,- and who while acting as superintendent of your Springfield plant, became the proud possessor of twins, one of whom "Charles E." was named after you,- the other "Jacob" (now deceased) was named after a Jake Wilder, formerly connected with the St. Louis, Mo. Plant.  In this connection, I recall, as you most likely will, the "twin" buggy which you presented to my parents and the twins at that time.

     To get down to the gist of the matter,- I have a favor to ask.   My Brother Charles has a very responsible position in the General Motors Incorporated, Hyatt Roller Bearings Division, Harrison, N.J.  This firm, I understand are about ready to engage in Defense Work,- and naturally are taking every precaution to see that they have one hundred percent Americans in their plant.  A birth certificate was requested, but as Springfield did not record their births prior to 1910- some proof is necessary.  Therefore this letter is written in the hope that it reaches you, and knowing the family as you do for practically 60 years, I beg leave ask a favor of either you or Mrs. Baldwin-- to wit--  Would you kindly make an affidavit setting forth the true fact that you know these twins were born in 1893.  I am enclosing a letter addressed and stamped- ready to be sent direct to my Brother to his home address, in order to expedite matters, and assure you I will appreciate your prompt action in this matter.  I consider my Brother a very clever man- and like his father before him, a very conscientious one, when it comes to "performance"- and it does seem to bad that there should be so much trouble in establishing the proof of birth of an "American Born" citizen.

     I was very sorry not to have seen you some years ago when you visited Detroit,- but I suppose you know that our Father died here in Detroit in 1924, and our Mother passed away in 1934.  Also Charlie's twin died a little over a year ago, and our Brother Albert, who used to sing in the Calvary Presbyterian Church of Springfield, Mo. also passed away quite recently.  Such is life.

     I trust you are both well, and that it will not put you out too much to grant us this favor,- and any expense connected therewith, I will gladly defray.  Would like to have a line from you. - when Fannie and I could talk over school days, etc.  As I am anxious to get this off quickly, I will close, with kindest regards to you both,- and again assuring you of my appreciation for anything you can do for my Brother, I remain,-

An old, old friend and neighbor,

(Signed) Birdie Pomnitz by Binney

Please address me -
Mrs. Alberta May Binney
409 Manor Ave.
Grosse Pte. Farms, Mich.

Letter from Alberta (Birdie) Pomnitz-Binney to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin of Springfield, Missouri, May 3rd, 1941.  Birdie passed three years later in August of 1944.

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