Ida Marie Ernestine [Telshaw] Pomnitz... The Connection to the Kaiser...

Of Royal Heritage
(Ida Marie Ernestina [Telschaw] Pomnitz)
The Pomnitz Family TreeConnection to the Kaiser

Now about the fascinating story of our Grandmother Ida Marie Ernestina.  Her mother was Johannah Engel, a beautiful woman and lady of the Court during Kaiser Wilhelm's reign.  She married Charles Telschaw, who the Kaiser sent to the Isle of Wight to do government surveying.  While he was absent on official business, two children were born, Charles and Ida Marie Ernestina.  The Kaiser is reported to be the father and Ida Marie was schooled with the young Kaiser in Latin, Spanish and Ancient History.

Telschaw had died on the Isle of Wight and the Kaiser had Johannah married to Frederick Lehman.  They had two children, Frederick and Rudolph.  The family migrated to America.  It is believed that Ida Marie migrated to America with the Lehmans and that they settled in the Cleveland area.

An enchanting part of the story is the Victoria (Vicky), The Princess Royal, daughter of Queen Victoria, married Friedrich Wilhelm III, the German Crown Prince.  He later became Emperor Wilhelm and Vicky became Empress Frederick, mother of Wilhelm II (1859-1941).  The German influence is well established.

That is the over-all picture, fact or fiction.  Perhaps one of our future genealogists will work to verify and fill in the gaps in our story.  The very exciting probability of Grandmother, Ida Marie Ernestina's royal heritage and the story of the Pomnitz Family of Baden bearing the royal title of "Keepers of the Black Forest", merits our utmost efforts in further research.

If I have added anything to our family lore, I am more than gratified.  Only an avid genealogist knows the excitement of discovering a little prior unknown fact about one's family.  The Mormon records will soon be on the Internet and this should make the task of research easier.


Chuck Pomnitz

From the great efforts of Charles Edwin Pomnitz.

The Mormon Library, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - The Mormon Library, Salt Lake City, Utah - U.S. Census Records.

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