Our Tree Leafs...

Our Tree Leafs
(Our Detailed Family Tree)
Tree Leaves

Here is where you can find all the information about each of our family members and their relationship to each other.  As any living tree, our tree continues to grow.   We need your help to keep track of all the new "blossoming leafs" as well as uncovering our "sturdy roots".  As this area attempts to accomodate all the many branches of our family tree, you will need to identify (search for) a starting point for the information you seek.

As this area is under development, information found here is far from complete.   Patience!!!  If you haven't submitted your own information as of yet, instructions for doing such will be published in the near future.

Be sure to read the  brief explanation,  Locating a Starting Point, before proceding.

Locate for:

Locating a Starting Point

Locating a starting point can be accomplished in the following manners.  You must enter
"leaf" in all instances.  Be sure to supply the word "and" where indicated.

  1. Enter "leaf" - locates all available leafs.
  2. Enter "leaf and lastname" - locates all leafs with the same last name.
  3. Enter "leaf and firstname" - locates all leafs with the same first name..
  4. Enter "leaf and firstname and lastname" - locates all leafs with the same first and last name.
  5. Enter "leaf and firstname and middlename" - locates all leafs witht the same first and middle name.
  6. Enter "leaf and firstname and middlename and lastname" - normally locates an individual leaf.
  7. Enter "leaf and fistname and middleinitial. and lastname" - may locate an individual leaf.
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