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Title:  Another Day at the Mormon Library
Submitted by:  Charles and Helen Pomnitz
Date:  09/11/00
Article #FGAA3

Another Day at the Mormon Library
(In a letter from Charles and Helen Pomnitz - November 21st, 2000)

...I spent another day at the Mormon Library last week and was not able to learn anything new.  I reviewed tapes {microfilms}of the towns of Pomnitz, Obermöllern, and other surrounding villages.  The first tape was dated from 1800 to 1815.  It was all Church records of births, baptisms and deaths and of course all in German.  The writing or printing was very poor except for some of the Church entries on special occasions such as baptisms.  The name, Pomnitz, is very prominent throughout the tapes but could not be copied due to the faintness of the writing.  I was able to have several years and started with the Pomnitz area, but {they}went far beyond to other areas.  Again, it was almost impossible to read and I think a German scholar would have a problem with it.  It was still exciting to know that here was the early history of our family and a rich dialogue of their lives.  I see that I made a note.  Johann Jacob, 1801 and a Johanna E.? dated July, 1802.   I am not sure just where they fit in!

The map is from a German Atlas and you will find Pomnitz, Donndorf and other places mentioned in our history.  The assistant at the Mormons said the "M" before the town name indicated that the town was under the administration of the nearest big center, in this case Möllern.

On a future visit to the Mormon Library, I will take a look at the Donndorf area to see how the Pomnitz Family is represented there.  I know it is almost futile without a good knowledge of German, but still it is fulfilling to verify the family presence there and kind of bridge that span of years between them and us.


Chuck and Helen
Charles and Helen Pomnitz
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