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Volume #0  Issue #0 Date:  September 21, 2000 - Publication Notice

Pomnitz Family Newsletter Coming

From: Art Meissner, Editor, Pomnitz Family Newsletter
To: Family Members-we-know-of-with-e-mail

Newsletter Editor, Art Meissner

Dear Friends....

We will be sending out the first Quarterly Pomnitz Family Newsletter this Fall.  I was very pleased to be asked to be its editor.  And as Editor, I need your help.  How?

WHO ARE ‘YOU’??  Your surname is one of the 106 (!!) family names associated the Pomnitz Family which are somehow connected to the union of Adelbert Pomnitz (1852-1924) and Ida Marie Ernestina Telschaw (1855-1934), Married 31 May, 1875.  This is all sorted out admirably by Eddie Pomnitz and Chuck Pomnitz on the Pomnitz Family Website at

WHY AM I WRITING TO YOU?  I’d like GET YOUR IDEAS on what should be in such a newsletter from your point of view.  What will make it welcome to your eyes?

I also ask your help by SENDing me names and E-MAIL ADDRESSES WE DO NOT HAVE.  If a family member does not have e-mail, send me their US Postal Address so that we can send them a snail-mail copy.

Third:  I’d like ARTICLES & NEWS ITEMS from you:  Such as births, marriages, graduations, deaths, address changes, achievements, honors about any “clan” member.  Also, double-check the Family Tree on the Website (  Send us any and all corrections you think should be made so that we can make it as accurate as possible.

Fourth:  I welcome YOUR INPUT of Family biographies (short, please), Family Stories of parents, of selves.... anything that fills-out the picture of our Large Pomnitz Family.

Please understand that AS NEWSLETTER EDITOR, I WILL MERELY COORDINATE YOUR INPUT. I shall not necessarily be writing the articles. Rather, I’ll be editing, sorting, (even spell-checking!), and arranging items for each separate issue of the Newsletter to achieve what I hope will be an interesting balance. If there is ‘no news’, the Newsletter for a given quarter, it will be a small letter, for sure.

The Newsletter will also include such things as:

Current news of your activities to keep others informed of one another.
Announce and coordinate up-coming Family Reunions.
Short stories of one of our ancestors.
Soliciting help (and small monetary contributions) for Family letter and activities
A means to keep in touch....

One item you can use right now is in the Pomnitz Website:  WE HAVE AN ONLINE DISCUSSION GROUP:  "The Family Form".  It requires an ID and Password.  Any family member can get them from Webmaster Eddie Pomnitz (

Each successive Newsletter will be ‘archived’ and saved on our website for future reference.

So:  Let me hear from you! Let’s have some fun together!

Love to you all....

Art Meissner

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