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Volume #1  Issue #4 Date: August 1st, 2001 - Summer 2001 Issue

The Pomnitz Family Newsletter

(Descendants of Adelbert Richard Pomnitz & Ida Marie Ernestina Telschaw)

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THE PURPOSE of this newsletter:  to note and share items of possible interest for the "greater Pomnitz Family".  The 149 family names mentioned in the Family Tree are listed at   Please do send me suggestions or ideas for future newsletters:  they will be taken seriously.

REPORTS ON THE 2001 POMNITZ FAMILY REUNION:   Three reports! One from Chuck Pomnitz, Family History; the second from our New Associate Editor, Nancy Meissner; the third is from Ed Pomnitz in the form of over 40 photos taken at the Reunion, now posted for all to see on the family website.

7th Biennial Pomnitz Family Reunion June 23, 2001


We were favored with the splendid cookery of Jim Kusiak, Pat's husband.  Contrary to first impression, Jim did most of the cooking.  He is a great chef!

With the wonderful contributions of various dishes from many people, it was grand feast.  I loved the apple pie and carrot cake baked by our good friend, Flo Holzen.  Her apple pie disappeared quickly and I almost missed it (my favorite!!).

My sister, Mabel, brought the candy and the leis from Hawaii.  She can always be depended upon for surprises.

Ed Pomnitz is amazing!  The panoramic overview of the Pomnitz family from the 16th Century to present is something to behold.  I hope that everyone appreciated the hours of work that went into that endeavor.  I have the work, will carefully preserve it, and will bring it to Canada in 2003.  It is a superb depiction of one family's genealogy.  It inspires one to want to research further and to learn more about the family!  There is much more out there!

What a grand delegation from California:  Hal Slear and his wife, Jennifer, Janet Tolson and Don Grow, Bert (Alberta) Smith, and Jean Binney.  The better than expected turnout demonstrated that 'Family' means a great deal to our people.

See you all in Ontario in two years!

--- With love, Chuck (and his Helen!)"
NANCY MEISSNER, Ace Reporter and ASSOCIATE EDITOR of this newsletter FILED THIS REPORT:Newsletter Associate Editor, Nancy Meissner

Dateline: 7th Biennial Pomnitz Reunion June 23, 2001 at Pat & Jim Kusiak's home in Macomb, MI.

From the moment of arrival until the last car drove away, warmth, friendship and fun were the keywords of the day at the home of Pat & Jim Kusiak in Macomb, Michigan, where the 7th Biennial Pomnitz Reunion was held on June 23, 2001.

Pat's folks, Chuck and Helen Pomnitz, greeted each family at the sign-in table with warm hugs and a packet containing name tags, a letter of welcome & family history, and a family address list.

The name tags included mysterious marks which we later discovered were to designate family relationships.  Those with 6 dots indicated the senior family members.  Those with 5 dots were their spouses.  Name tags of the senior members' children were marked with 4 dots and their spouses' had 3.  Two dots designated senior member's grandchildren and their friends.

The turnout was wonderful.  All of the five family branches were represented: Binney, Gow, Hanmer, Meissner and Pomnitz.  Folks traveled from Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, Ohio and Ontario.

In attendance were the following Family Members: (If we missed anyone, please let us know...'for the record'.)

-»POMNITZ:  Tim Slear; Hal Slear & Jennifer Hunt-Slear; Mabel M. Pomnitz Slear; Barb, Glen, Katie, Becky, Alex & Eric Page; Edwin & children Zachary and Lara Jeneane Pomnitz; Myra Radde Pomnitz; Charles & Helen Pomnitz; Charles Joseph Pomnitz; Richard Pomnitz; Jerome & Sherrie Peruski; NicoleElias & friend Nick Stacy; Karen Elias & friend Sean Monticciolo; David Elias; Louie Elias; Jennifer Peruski & friend Christopher Piccherro.

-»BINNEY:  Janet Tolson-Grow & Don Grow; Jean Binney Smith; Bert (Alberta) Binney Tolson Smith; Jim Wyche; Lila Binney Westenberg.

-»HANMER:  Pat Petrove.

-»GOW:  Athol Gow; Jim Gow; Marion & Don McKeown; Ruth and Angelo Borras.

-»MEISSNER:  Nelson Kelm and Jan Gregg-Kelm; John & Marcia Meissner, III;
Nancy Meissner; John & Evelyn Meissner, Jr.

As Chuck greeted family members, it didn't take long for relatives to share more hugs and greetings with each other.

Art Meissner, whose continuing recovery from recent surgery prevented his attending, generously shipped a wheel of his own goats' aged cheese, as well as a good supply of fresh goat cheese.  Cheese & crackers - hugs & kisses - it was a sight!

Ed Pomnitz created two large (4'x8') and truly beautiful charts - one showing the family leafs as posted on the web site (note: it does seem that some in the family should be designated more as nuts than leafs, but I guess it's not for this reporter to say), and the second chart showing the family tree.  These were fascinating and added a great deal of visual help in figuring out who's who.

People gradually drifted through to Pat & Jim's beautifully landscaped backyard and into the shade of tents set up for our dinner.  And what a meal it was - ham and chicken, assorted salads, pasta, breads, ice cold sodas and coffee, served buffet-style with plenty for those desiring second helpings.

Desserts were served in the kitchen & dining areas of the house.  Let's just say that the Pomnitz genes for great cooks & bakers were distributed very well through the generations.  The leftover desserts alone could probably feed a family of four for three years (okay - this may be a slight, but only a slight exaggeration).

A family business meeting led by Chuck Pomnitz followed our leisurely meal.  Chuck explained the cryptic dots on our name tags and then had each family branch introduce its members.  It was a good way to get a better handle on how we all fit together.

Chuck and also John Meissner, Jr. shared a couple of jokes.  Little did we know that standup comedy is part of our family talent.  In fact, we still didn't know this even after the jokes were told.  (No, really - they were very cute, funny and well-received.)

Nancy Meissner was introduced and distributed the sheet Ed Pomnitz had prepared for the family. This described the web site, gave some additional family history, and special thanks was given to Art Meissner as Editor in Chief of the Pomnitz Family Newsletter.  Nancy mentioned that donations were being accepted that would help offset web site and newsletter costs.  Ed also suggested that funds might be used for possible future projects, such as the restoration of the Pomnitz family Bible.

Don & Marion McKeown graciously offered to host the next reunion in Fergus the summer of 2003.

After the meeting, people lingered, conversations continued, and a photo frenzy broke out.

At one point, there was a large group taking pictures of the senior members of the family.  After those pictures were taken, someone suggested just handing all the cameras over to the senior members so they could take pictures of the rest of the group who had just taken their pictures.  Then someone suggested we all just stand there and take pictures of each other taking pictures of us!

Hopefully Pat & Jim's neighbors didn't have to witness this.  Honestly, if anyone missed out on having their picture taken, it was because they were intentionally hiding out behind the barn!

While the picture-taking may not have been highly organized, it was great fun.  Hopefully everyone can share these either now or at the next reunion.

A perfect June day was one of God's gifts to the family.  But I think we all agree that His larger gift is to be a part of such a warm, gracious family.

Many thanks to Pat & Jim Kusiak and to Barb & Glenn Page and their families for their tremendous efforts and hard work in hosting our 7th Biennial Pomnitz Reunion.

--- Nancy Meissner, Associate Editor

PLEASE SEND US FAMILY STORIES, BIOGRAPHIES and notes of interest for future newsletters.  Questions about any aspect of the Family Tree or history?  We’ll track down answers for you.  Jot down a bio-note about yourself, one of your parents, or one of your immediate family.  They will be shared and saved in the Archives.

THE GOW CHILDREN REMEMBER IDA'S CHILDREN:  PART II - 04-30-01 - Fergus, Ontario... From Ruth Gow Borras:

After my sisters reminisced about this weekend of almost 60 years ago, we shared little snatches of memories of our mother's siblings.

Sister Marion (whose second name is Alberta) remembered AUNT BIRDIE (ALBERTA BINNEY) as tall, slim, elegant, with a long neck, and that she often wore big-brimmed dark hats.  UNCLE WALTER BINNEY liked a particular shoe store in Fergus, and the store owner, Mr. Lindsay.  Marion remembers going to the dry goods store with AUNT BIRDIE, and she bought her some material for a dress; it had postage-stamp sized pictures on a red background.  Our mom made her a dress with it.  My sister Marion also recalls that AUNT BIRDIE would come on the bus to Fergus to visit us.  She also remembers that UNCLE WALTER liked watermelons and that he was jolly.  These recollections come from the time when Marion was in about grade six or seven.

Alice remembers that when she was quite young AUNT CELIA and UNCLE JOHN MEISSNER once visited.  They had brought candies, which must have been disappearing quickly.  Uncle John said, "These candies will still be here don't have to eat them all today."

Brother Bob told us HOW UNCLE JAKE AND AUNT LILLIE POMNITZ met.  She was working in a chocolate factory, and had written her name and address on a paper which went out with a box of chocolates.  Jake answered the note.

My own recollections from the late 40's of the Pomnitz aunts and uncles are of Celia and John, Mary and Charles and of cousin Ruth Wyche.  I remember the first time I saw AUNT CELIA MEISSNER.  She was getting out of the car with a huge iced cake in her hands, chocolate with a light-orange coloured icing.  Oh so good!!

I remember UNCLE CHARLIE POMNITZ talking to my father in the back yard and thinking that they both could talk for an awfully long time.  Charlie had on a white shirt and a tie.  I remember the 3-faced doll AUNT MARY brought me.  I still have it.

I had a brief glimpse of RUTH WYCHE, daughter of AUNT BIRDIE.  I remember her as a very fit-looking woman, dressed in a crisp white blouse, speaking to my mother at the kitchen door.

I did not meet AUNT MAISIE HANMER until the summer of 71.  She arrived in a camper by surprise on a Sunday afternoon in August.  I will never forget how she and our Mom looked like two young girls at supper table, reminiscing about their lives.  AUNT MAISIE told us the anecdote of how she got in trouble for going over the budget by buying maple syrup to cook with at the Interlochen Music Camp.  After being scolded, she confessed to her boss she had been making the maple syrup all along.  From potato skins and cane sugar!

And for one last memory, I remember my mother often telling me that HER MOTHER (IDA) would always send her to what today would be a convenience store: to a certain lady's store that was not so close, because that lady needed the money.  So my mother always had to go that extra mile.

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PASSAGES:  EVENTS REPORTED SINCE THE LAST NEWSLETTER (births, graduations, marriages, deaths, careers):

Death:  October 20, 2000 - MARY JONAS POMNITZ (1910-2000), wife of Charles.  Mary passed on October 28th, 2000.  After my Grandfather had passed in 1954, she moved from East Orange, New Jersey to Tom's River, New Jersey.  Her last residence was in Brick, New Jersey, Ocean County (ZIP - 08724).

From childhood to my early teens and to this very day I have very fond and loving memories of "Grandma Mary".  I had last seen her in 1985 when I traveled to Tom's River, New Jersey.  This was the only time my son Charles Joseph (Keeper) was to see his "Great Grandma Mary".  Charles was three and a half at the time.   She had a trailer on 513 Floral Way in Tom's River, close to her sister Anna and her brother Frank.  They all had trailers in the same park in Tom's River.

"Grandma Mary" was a strong lady with a strikingly beautiful presence.   Ever since I can remember, she had brilliant white hair.  She was quite generous with her family giving of herself to care for others.  I believe she had given my Grandfather, Charles Edwin, her deepest love and provided for his happiness for better than the last decade of his life.  They had married in June of 1940.   Mary was his fourth wife.  She had been his secretary.  His first wife, Minnie Garner was my Dad's, Charles Griffith, natural mother.  Please pray for this grand lady, Grandma Mary, and her eternal peace.

---Love, Ed Pomnitz
Birth:  July 24, 2000 - Zachary Michael, son of Greg & Pamela Westenberg.
Birth:  Dec 25, 2000 - Veronica May Petras, daughter of Matt and Heather Pomnitz-Petras.
Birth: May 19, 2001 - William Anthony Pomnitz, son of James and May Pomnitz.

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VOLUNTEER NEEDED TO TRANSLATE FROM GERMAN:  Our Family Researchers (Ed Pomnitz & Chuck Pomnitz) are soliciting your help if you can read and translate German to English.  While both of them know a bit of German, occasionally they run into documents that could use a master's hand.  If you can help (or know someone who can help), please contact us.  Our thanks!

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Our Pomnitz Family Website is almost two years old now.  Ed Pomnitz (our genetic computer guru) has designed and developed the Site, relying on irreplaceable help from Chuck Pomnitz among others.  A freewill collection was received at the June Reunion, bringing in $171.14 US!!  This will go towards web hosting ( &, Restoration/Preservation of the Family Bible of Albert and Ida, Hardcopy Newsletter Mailing and whatever is beneficial and appropriate.  Expenditures will be summarized and reported in full in future newsletters.  We are in the process of establishing a "Pomnitz Family Advisory Board" (PFAB!!) to provide guidance in what our funds should be spent for, and on future Family projects.

Please send your contributions to:

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"My mind works like lightning.
One brilliant flash and it is gone."

From Art Meissner

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