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The Pomnitz Family Newsletter Archive

Volume #3  Issue #3 Date: May 1st, 2003 - Spring 2003 Issue

The Pomnitz Family Newsletter
Descendants of Adelbert Richard Pomnitz & Ida Marie Ernestina Telschaw
Alberta BINNEY --- Nora GOW --- Maisie HANMER ---
Celia MEISSNER --- Jacob & Charles POMNITZ

From:  Art Meissner, Editor, Pomnitz Family Newsletter
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Editor:  Art Meissner
Associate Editor:  Nancy Meissner
Historian:  Charles Edwin Pomnitz
Webmaster:  Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr.
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Newsletter Editor, Art Meissner
Art Meissner - Editor



  1.  Purpose of this NewsletterSpring Newsletter
Family Stories, Events and Biographies:
         July Reunion Postponed

         Setting the Records Straight
  4.  "Passages": Births, Anniversaries, Deaths
Family Projects:
         Family T-Shirt Now Available!!
  6.  Pomnitz Family Fund Report - Ed Pomnitz, Sr.
  7.  Services Offered To Family Members
         Photo Gallery II
         Automated Subscriptions
         Chat Room Access
         Internet Dial-Up Service
  8.  Newsletter Mechanics:   
  Format & Layout of the Newsletter
Contact Information:
         How to subscribe/unsubscribe
         Where to send articles & news
10.  Notizen Aus Dem Ziegenstall (Notes From the Goathouse)
         A Digital Reunion?
Next Newsletter Date
12.  Final Quote

1.  THE PURPOSE of this newsletter:  to note and share items of possible interest for the "greater Pomnitz Family".  The 181 family names mentioned in the Family Tree are listed at   Please do send me suggestions or ideas for future newsletters:  they will be taken seriously.


The Family Reunion scheduled for Fergus, Ontario, July 12-13, 2003 has been cancelled...  or rather "postponed"...  due to the uncontrolled and undefined threat of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in the Toronto vicinity.  After it is clear that the threat has passed, our Fergus-area relations will be re-scheduling the reunion when the way appears clear and safe .   Notice will be sent to everyone on our list .  Current and up-to-date news of the SARS situation in Canada can be found at the web site of  "The Globe and Mail", a Canadian national newspaper published in Toronto.
2003 - The 8th Biennial Pomnitz Reunion

The Globe and Mail:



As each day goes by our family's history is being made... but perhaps not written.  A son or daughter goes to war, two people join in marriage, a child is born and a loved one passes.  In a moment here and in a moment there a kind word or deed by a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, or daughter has positively pointed a direction in our lives and provided a glowing thought of deep gratitude for the rest of our lives.

 If one takes a moment to look at and reflect upon the descendants tree of our dear Jakob Pomnitz, it starts to become clear that there must have been a lot of events in the cumulative lives of those reflected there.  Over 450 years have passed, representing 15 generations, between 1550 AD and today.  Sadly, only  few of those events have been preserved which help us understand the trials and triumphs of our ancestors.

Each day as time... and each individual passes on, opportunities are forever lost to pass on meaningful thoughts and points in history to future generations.  Recorded history seems to reflect in considerable detail lives of great and other noteworthy or notorious individuals... but aren't the loving deeds of our mother or father even more meaningful to us... or our children... and their children?

From time to time I ponder at the earliest photos of the late 1800's and I wonder of the lives of the ones in those pictures who I have only a name and some sketchy information about when, where and to whom they were born.  I look at the earlier names in the family tree of ancestors who lived at a time prior to photographs and wonder if a painting of one of them might have been made and might still exist.  And what similar physical trait that they had might I find in one or all of my sons or daughters?  I look at the names of some of our ancestors, without whom I could not have possibly gotten here; and yet I don't even know when they were born, had married, or how or when they had passed... let alone having the luxury of a most basic footnote or anecdote about them.

Ah yes... THIS IS A PLEA to each and everyone who reads this article to come to realize that one day the opportunity to add a "footnote" about yourself or one of your immediate ancestors to our family's story WILL PASS WITH YOU.  Perhaps you have some old letters in the attic that reveal an interesting event or story.  Perhaps you remember an old photo or two of your great-grandfather in that dusty family album.  Maybe you have a picture of the house he lived in as a child.  Maybe you haven't been diligent in letting us know of a birth, death or marriage.  Maybe you've noticed that  missing date by either your own,  your immediate ancestor's, your son's or your daughter's name in our family tree.

Anything you care to contribute will not only be appreciated now, but will become even more valuable and meaningful to our descendants of tomorrow.  Don't perplex the next generations of our family genealogists with difficult mysteries as the "Kiel Connection" (use search term "kiel" on our family website).  As each generation passes, so do valuable clues.  Thus, making these mysteries more difficult, if not impossible, to solve.

I've included with this article just the "A's" extract of missing information in our family tree.  This only reflects the "critical" missing information of these relatives and does not (and cannot) reflect any of the relatives who are MISSING ENTIRELY from our tree.

Adamowicz, Felicia 1888 - Marriage Date to Frank Petrove is missing.
Adamski, George March 17, 1891 - Marriage Date to Sylvia Beaufore is missing.
Addson, Sarah Ann - Birth Date is missing.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Amelia - Birth Date is missing.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Amelia - Marriage Date to Mosey Elias is missing.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Anna - Birth Date is missing.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Anna - Marriage Date to Ludwig Wahrung is missing.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Anna - Birth Date is missing.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Annie G. May 01, 1894 - Marriage Date to Drane is missing.
Archibald, James Lindsay - Birth Date is missing.
Archibald, James Lindsay - Marriage Date to Laurie McKeown is missing.
Archibald, Meghan Nora Mae - Birth Date is missing.
Archibald, Natalie Lindsay - Birth Date is missing.

If you have knowledge regarding any of this missing information or if you have noted any missing or erroneous information elsewhere, please forward your information or corrections to  If you do not have access to E-Mail, please forward you information to my postal address:

Ed Pomnitz
7891 Marlborough Ave.
Parma, Ohio 44129


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4.  PASSAGES:  EVENTS REPORTED SINCE THE LAST NEWSLETTER (births, graduations, marriages, deaths, careers):

Birth:  February 6th, 2003 - Felecia Marie Berendt-Pomnitz, daughter of Charles Joseph Pomnitz and Stephanie Michelle Berendt.  Felecia was born at 12:16 pm and checked in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. 20 in.

  Please send your announcements to  

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-A Pomnitz Family T-Shirt is now available.  Full ordering information is at  INSIDER TID-BITS: You just HAVE TO KNOW a couple things about the shirts:

1) - The graphics printed on each shirt were graciously designed and donated by Kathy Kelm-Cronin (daughter of June Meissner Kelm).  Kathy is founder and Director of NISDA (Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts).  You can get a peek at what she does by going to

2) - The Tag inside the neck of the drawing of the Coat of Arms says "Einfuhr Aus Deutschland" ("Imported from Germany").  That means YOU, not the shirt.

3) - The "Volunteer Shirt Model" (with that sleek male physique) is none other than our esteemed Web Meister, Edwin Pomnitz, Sr.  (Note the hair on his chinny-chin-chin.)

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6.  THE POMNITZ FAMILY FUND REPORT - (A Note from Ed Pomnitz, Sr.):  The greatest significance of our Family Reunions, our Family Newsletters, our Family Tree Database, Family Website and ongoing Research that they help us to:  1) Understand our rich heritage...  2) Stay in touch with one another.

Thanks to our contributors, we have enough funding to stay online through the end of June 2003.  We are in need $77.36 to remain on line through the 2003 year.  You can help out through the purchase of a family T-Shirt or by simply making a contribution.  ALL profits from our T-Shirt sales go towards the Family Fund!  We STILL have a way to go to pay for the initial run of T-Shirts (-$73.19).

FAMILY FUND REPORT - From Ed Pomnitz, Sr.

Balance from Last Quarter

$ 70.00 - Mail-In Contributions
$   0.00 - Profit From T-Shirt Sales
$   0.00

$  38.85 - Web Hosting &  03/01/03 - 06/30/03
$  38.85

Current Balance

If you desire to make a contribution to the Pomnitz Family Fund, you can mail your check or money order to:

  • Myra Pomnitz
    7891 Marlborough Ave.
    Parma, Ohio 44129

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7.  SERVICES OFFERED TO FAMILY MEMBERS:  Please contact Ed Pomnitz regarding these services at

PHOTO GALLERY II:  Family members can load their own family photos directly onto our website for all to see.  The Pomnitz Family Web Photo Gallery II can be found at:

We would like to see at least one photo of each family member posted here.  You can include a title and description of your photo as well as "keywords" to help others search for your information.  Please follow the categories that have been supplied.  If you require a new category, please E-Mail with the photo category you would like to see added.

Join in the FUN.  Registered family members can post new photos, leave comments and even vote on any of the photos in this area.

Registration is simple.  Just use your FIRST and LAST NAME when asked for a USER NAME.  Then select a PASSWORD of your choice and provide a valid E-Mail address.

AUTOMATED SUBSCRIPTIONS:  As some of you may have noticed, our automated online subscription service has been down.  Complications during recent updates of our host's operating system clobbered our mail list database.  A subsequent newer release of our mail list software, which we were holding for, was delayed by the software vendor.  We anticipate re-install of our mail list software and a rebuild of the database within the next two weeks.  In the interim, please notify of any new addresses or address changes you require (to receive of this Newsletter and/or Web Update notices).

CHAT ROOM ACCESS: The family website now offers family members (only) their own 'chat-room', where you can (at no cost to you) chat with others anywhere in the world.  You can find it in the "In Touch" area, and just click on "Family Chatter".  This area requires a USER ID and PASSWORD.  Contact for your password.

INTERNET DIAL-UP SERVICE:  Family members are offered an economic way to get to the Internet as well as having e-mail AND their own Web Site, if desired.  Ed Pomnitz' computer consulting company (FXtra) which handles the technical side of "", is also able to offer Family Members a low-cost connection to the Internet, called "EZDial".  A special offer for low-cost EZDial is available in both the US and Canada, is economic ($15.95 USD per month) and reliable, with no pop-up ads, no-spam, privacy (does not sell your e-mail address), no set-up fee, free web space, unlimited access.  If you are interested and want to join-up, you need to go to and enter this PIN number when prompted: "ae80701".  If you need more information before you do, contact Ed at via e-mail.  The added benefit to us all is that Ed's company will donate another $2.00 per month to the Pomnitz Family Fund, which helps to underwrite our website and our other family activities.

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8.  NEWSLETTER MECHANICS:  TROUBLE VIEWING THE NEWSLETTER IN THIS FORMAT??:  Please notify to describe any problems you are having.  This Newsletter is composed and sent to you in "html format".  Some subscribers may not have computers capable of handling html or graphics in their e-mail.  If you are having difficulty with this E-Mail, go to the Newsletter section on our family website.  You can print a copy if you wish.

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9.  CONTACT INFORMATION:  To Subscribe or Un-subscribe to this Newsletter, or to correct names and addresses, please do so online at:

or send a regular postal letter to the address below.

PLEASE DO SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK on your next visit to The Pomnitz Family Web:

SEND E-MAIL REPLIES TO  Replies by regular postal mail may be sent to Art Meissner, Editor, Pomnitz Family Newsletter, 15 Three Oaks Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572-2675, (845) 876-6407 OR TO OUR ASSOCIATE EDITOR!!, Nancy Meissner, at

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Notes From The Goathouse

10.  NOTIZEN AUS DEM ZIEGENSTALL (Notes From The Goathouse):  By Art Meissner, Editor.

SARS, that illusive but very infectious form of pneumonia, has caused us to postpone our July 2003 Reunion in Fergus, Ontario.  It is enough of a threat that common sense tells us not to risk exposure of Family members.

This does mean, sadly, we also postpone what had been promising to be a larger gathering than usual.  It looked like more 'old-timers' (and more 'new-timers') would be meeting and renewing acquaintance after years of separation.  It was a happy thought, indeed.  It leaves us with the burden of 'delayed satisfaction'.  But at least it does not leave us with possible illness and tragedy which might be due to our own lack of diligence and care.

We still have a few opportunities I hope you will take up.  Till we can ALL get together in one place, we can share photos, write-ups and more through our Family Web Site.

For instance, there may be some smaller (and safer) REUNIONS of BINNEYS, or GOWS, or HANMERS, or MEISSNERS, not to forget POMNITZERS.  Take some photos and send them in for a future newsletter and posting on the Web Site.  Write-up any of the gatherings of "Binney-Bashers", "Handy-Hanmers", "Masterly-Meissners", "Glowing-Gows" or "Polished-Pomnitzers" and send them in along with a few snapshots.  They will be most welcome!  And we can all enjoy them.

Till we meet again (face-to-face or digitally):  God Bless us all.

Art Meissner

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11.  NEXT NEWSLETTER is tentatively scheduled for August 1, 2003.  It will contain a summary of then-current Family news as well as any articles submitted by family members.  Please help by submitting newsletter items no later than July 15, 2003.  You do not have to do a lot of writing:  Just list WHO in the Family did WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE.  ("How" and "Why" are optional.)  We will edit it for a future issue.  THANKS!

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"Originality is the fine art of
 remembering what you hear
but forgetting where you heard it."

- Laurence J. Peter

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