The Pomnitz Family Newsletter Archive... Vol #4, Issue #3... Our Spring Issue!

Pomnitz Family Newsletter
The Pomnitz Family Newsletter Archive

Volume #4  Issue #3 Date: May 1st, 2004 - Spring 2004 Issue

The Pomnitz Family Newsletter
Descendants of Adelbert Richard Pomnitz & Ida Marie Ernestina Telschaw
Alberta BINNEY --- Nora GOW --- Maisie HANMER ---
Celia MEISSNER --- Jacob & Charles POMNITZ

From:  Ed Pomnitz, Acting Editor, Pomnitz Family Newsletter
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Editor:  Apply For Position
Historian:  Charles Edwin Pomnitz
Webmaster:  Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr.
Family Website:

Newsletter Editor, ?
Job Opportunity - Editor



  1.  Purpose of this NewsletterSpring Newsletter
Family Stories, Events and Biographies:
         The Search Goes On - Ed Pomnitz, Sr.
         Reminder of the Upcoming Family Reunion
- Art Meissner
         Bio-Note on Leo J. Meissner, Artist - John C. Meissner, Jr, & Art Meissner

  3.  "Passages": Births, Anniversaries, Deaths
  4.  Know Your Family Contest:
Family Projects:
         Family T-Shirt Now Available!!
  6.  Pomnitz Family Fund Report - Ed Pomnitz, Sr.
  7.  Services Offered To Family Members
  8.  Newsletter Mechanics:
  Format & Layout of the Newsletter
Contact Information:
         How to subscribe/unsubscribe
         Where to send articles & news
10.  Our Reader Say
11.  Notizen Aus Dem Ziegenstall (Notes From The Goathouse):
         Editor Needed
Next Newsletter Date
13.  Final Quote

1.  THE PURPOSE of this newsletter:  to note and share items of possible interest for the "greater Pomnitz Family".  The 184 family names mentioned in the Family Tree are listed at   Please do send me suggestions or ideas for future newsletters:  they will be taken seriously.


As you all know by now, Art Meissner has resigned from the "Editorship" of the Pomnitz Family Newsletter.  The November Fall issue was his last.  We had hoped that someone would have stepped forward to fill the role.

The "Editorship" functions are straight forward.  We just need someone with a "little" time to:

1. Solicit news/articles/etc. from family members.

2. Put together (edit) the articles and information received from family members 4 four times a year.

3. Send the basic text to me (Ed) via E-Mail which I then "format" and post on the website the last night of the quarter.  I then send a copy via E-Mail to all family members (the E-Mail mailing is now all automated, with the e-mail list pretty much self-maintained on the website by subscribers).

4. See that a printed copy is mailed to about 15 or so Family members who do not have access to e-mail.

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the "Editorship" is the contact of family members in ALL FIVE branches of "The Family", encouraging and soliciting articles and data for inclusion in the newsletter.  The Editor also has the opportunity to assist Edwin (Publisher) and Charles (Historian) (via e-mail) in the continuing research of family history, to the extent he/she has time and inclination.  Moreover, you will have your own "soapbox" to expound on topics of your choosing.

 The fine print: 
You only need to humor the publisher (humoring the readers would be a plus) and have a slight understanding of English!  Have access to a computer would be helpful.  Finding the "on" switch is a PLUS!

Please give this more than a little thought.  A little time will help us maintain knowledge of what's going one in each others lives as this fast-paced world serves to isolate us.  It will also help us detail a legacy for generations to come!  You can contact me using any of the following:Great Benefits

    • Via e-mail -
      By phone - (440) 842-6968
      or by US Mail:
      7891 Marlborough Ave.
      Parma, OH 44129

I look most forward to hearing from you.
       (Salary is not negotiable - $0.00/hr.)

Ed Pomnitz, Sr.




JULY 17 - Saturday - 2 PM - Dinner.  Come any time earlier in the day and bring two things:

# 1 - An Appetite. (The meal is 'on the House of McKeown'!!! i.e.: 'no charge'!!)

# 2 - Bring your best joke or story: One per attendant, please! This is a request of our Hosts.

JULY 18 - The "survivors" will gather in the morning to go out to Breakfast together.  (Details given us on July 17th.)

The actual gathering on July 17 will be at the home of Daniel and Jan McKeown.  A DETAILED MAP will be supplied on the Reunion Page of our website, and will be sent by 'snail mail' to family members for whom we do not have an e-mail address.  There is also a list of BED/BREAKFAST AND MOTELS AVAILABLE.


Donal & Marion McKeown
619 Old Orangeville Road
Fergus, Ontario N1M 1T9

Phone: (519) 843-4353
FAX: (519) 843-4482

Online Details:

BIO-NOTE ON LEO J. MEISSNER, ARTIST - Source: John C Meissner, Jr, and Art Meissner
Leo Meissner"Uncle Leo" ended his life as a pretty well-known artist.  John and Art remember him before he was so recognized.  We remember him as a distant Uncle, 'out East'.  We remember him as a very gracious host when we'd visit, a very accepting person who had a sharp but gentle humor, admiring a good job.  We remember him as a careful craftsman of his trade.

The bare-bones facts about Leo are simple: Leo John Meissner was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 28, 1895.  His father and mother, Franz and Maria, had two other sons, John Charles Meissner and Frank Meissner.  His trade was the creative process of etching in woodblocks, painting in oils or watercolors, sketching with pastels and crayon.  He loved his trade, starting out as a young man by attending the Detroit Fine Art Academy both before and after his service in World War I.  He had been a Drummer and an Ambulance Driver for the American Friends Field Service during W.W. I. He lived in the New York City area, with various art editorships, including "Motorboating Magazine" and other.  He eventually moved to Maine in 1950 and spent full time in his painting and etching efforts.  He traveled a bit (Arizona, North Carolina, Florida), all of which are reflected in his work.  Leo died near his winter place in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in June of 1977.

John remembers Uncle Leo in a unique way: "When I was in WWII, I was transferred to Manhattan Beach for cook's and baker's school.  This gave me the opportunity to visit Uncle Leo and Aunt Mildred as they lived in Yonkers, New York at the time.  I visited them on one of my leaves and remember the meal consisted of cooked tongue.  They apologized for the tongue, but during the war it was difficult to get any type of meat.  It was really good."

Art also has his own unique remembrance of Leo: "After our marriage in 1955, Claire and I honeymooned on Monhegan Island, Maine.  We went there because I had visited Leo and Mildred with my parents before, and remembered the charm, isolation and beauty of the Island: Perfect for a honeymoon!  As a wedding gift, Leo paid for our rooms at the local Monhegan Inn, a non-electric experience of oil lamps and more.  When we arrived at the Inn, Aunt Mildred had the innkeeper change our room assignment from one with twin beds to one with a double bed... a nice little touch we've never forgotten!"

Today, there are more resources for info about Leo and his work.  One of them is the Child's Gallery in Boston, which has a rather complete three page biographical note you can read at

Here is how the Child's Gallery Bio begins: 
"Leo Meissner was born in Hamtramck, Michigan in 1895 in the heart of the newly industrialized areas around Detroit.  He enrolled at age fifteen in the Detroit Fine Art Academy where he studied with John P. Wicker (1860-1931).  The exigencies of study without a scholarship or much financial support from his Bohemian immigrant parents, led young Leo to have to balance schooling in art with working odd jobs.  He made his way from about 1910 until he enlisted in World War I between learning about art under Wicker and working to support his schooling.  On the troop ship to France, Meissner fell in love with the turbulent swells of the Atlantic and decided that it would be a fine subject for painting.  He pursued the sea as a major theme in his painting and printmaking for the rest of his life.  After the war, Meissner continued to study at the Detroit Fine Art Academy where he won a scholarship to the Art Students League in New York.  There he was able to study painting with Robert Henri and George Luks.  With his new-found skills he got a job as assistant art director on the magazine Charm.  By 1923 he was established enough at his job and had saved enough money to take a vacation.  He had heard that the coast of Maine would provide good subject matter for a young artist who wanted to sharpen his skills in drawing and painting rocks, surf, and sea.  After the night boat to Boston he headed to Boothbay Harbor, Maine and shortly thereafter took a fishing boat to Monhegan Island."

Child's Gallery also offers twelve pages of Leo's works which they have up for sale: oils, sketches, engravings, pastels, and more.  You can see them at

In addition, some of Leo's works are being featured in Pittsburgh's Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation's "11th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration", October 2004 through February 2005.  They are part of a display of works of several artists who have made detailed drawings of plants and herbal specimens.  You can find out more by checking Hunt's website at or by contacting "Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation", Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213-3890 Telephone: 412-268-2434, Fax: 412-268-5677, Email: for more information about hours of the display.

Leo Meissner was 'special' in his own way.  Yet there are surely so many other members of the "Greater Pomnitz Clan" who are undoubtedly special in their own ways.

Pick out a name of a Father, Uncle, Grandfather or Mother in your own branch of "The Clan"... and write them up for future history to be remembered.  Do it now!

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3.  PASSAGES:  EVENTS REPORTED SINCE THE LAST NEWSLETTER (births, graduations, marriages, deaths, careers and announcements):

Wedding Bells:  Myrna Kay Petrove is to become Mrs. Myrna Kay EDWARDS.  She is to be married to David Edwards on Saturday, June 5th, 2004.  Congratulations and best wishes!!!

  Please send your announcements to  

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NO ENTRIES WERE RECEIVED, SO WE'RE GIVING EVERYONE A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE THE CORRECT GUESS...  HINT:  Born November 10, 1932 in Detroit, Michigan, Wayne County, East Side General Hospital.

  Do You Recognize This Person?  

Is This Someone You Know?

The rules are simple.  The person pictured, living or otherwise may not enter.  All others, belonging to any branch of the family, may enter.

To enter, E-Mail
or send postcard to Ed Pomnitz, 7891 Marlborough Ave., Parma, OH 44129.  Include the following information:
1.  Your name.
2.  Person's name in photo.
3.  Age of person at time of photo.
4.  Year photo was taken.

Entries must be received by
Midnight, July 15th, 2004.

  Contest Results:  
Be sure to "stay tuned" and see the results published here in the August 1st Issue.  Win the auspicious distinction of having YOUR NAME published in big bright bold print along with the correct answers RIGHT HERE!  The person correctly identifying the person in the photo with the most correct or closest to correct answers is the winner.  In case of a tie, everyone is a winner!  Have fun!

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-A Pomnitz Family T-Shirt are available.  Full ordering information is at  This shirt will make a great gift item for anyone in our family!  The proceeds go to our Family Fund.

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6.  THE POMNITZ FAMILY FUND REPORT - (A Note from Ed Pomnitz, Sr.):  The greatest significance of our Family Reunions, our Family Newsletters, our Family Tree Database, Family Website and ongoing Research that they help us to:  1) Understand our rich heritage...  2) Stay in touch with one another...  3) Allow "lost leafs" to find us!

There are insufficient funds to pay the current quarter's hosting.  As you can see by the Family Fund Report, we have $19.51 remaining in our fund.  We are now in need of $97.04 to remain online to the end of 2004.

YOU can help out through the purchase of a family T-Shirt or by simply making a contribution.  All NET PROCEEDS from our T-Shirt sales go towards the Family Fund!  We STILL have a little bit (-$21.87) to go to pay for the initial run of T-Shirts.

FAMILY FUND REPORT - From Ed Pomnitz, Sr.

Balance May 1st, 2004

$   0.00 - Mail-In Contributions
$   0.00 - Profit From T-Shirt Sales
$ 51.22

$   0.00 -
Web Hosting has not been paid for quarter  04/01/04 - 07/31/04
$   0.00

Current Balance

If you desire to make a contribution to the Pomnitz Family Fund, you can mail your check or money order to:

    • Myra Pomnitz
      7891 Marlborough Ave.
      Parma, Ohio 44129

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7.  SERVICES OFFERED TO FAMILY MEMBERS:  Here is a list of some of the services that are available to you on our website.  Please contact Ed Pomnitz regarding any these services at

  PHOTO GALLERY II:    Family members can load their own family photos directly onto our website for all to see.  The Pomnitz Family Web Photo Gallery II can be found at

We would like to see at least one photo of each family member posted here.  You can include a title and description of your photo as well as "keywords" to help others search for your information.  Please follow the categories that have been supplied.  If you require a new category, please E-Mail with the photo category you would like to see added.

Join in the FUN.  Registered family members can post new photos, leave comments and even vote on any of the photos in this area.

Registration is simple.  Just use your FIRST and LAST NAME when asked for a USER NAME.  Then select a PASSWORD of your choice and provide a valid E-Mail address.

  AUTOMATED NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS:    Our automated subscription service is fully automated.  You can subscribe or un-subscribe from this newsletter online.  You may also elect to receive Web Update Notices.  An update notice will let you know when something has been changed or added to our website.  To subscribe or unsubscribe go online to:

  CHAT ROOM ACCESS:    The family website now offers family members (only) their own 'chat-room', where you can (at no cost to you) chat with others anywhere in the world.  You can find it in the "In Touch" area, and just click on "Family Chatter".  This area requires a USER ID and PASSWORD.  Contact for your password.

  PERSONAL WEB SPACE:    Family members may request personal web space for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining their own family site.  Your family's web address will be similar to "".  If you are interested in web space for your individual family, please contact for further information.

  INTERNET DIAL-UP SERVICE:    Family members are offered an economic way to get to the Internet as well as having e-mail AND their own WebSpace, if desired.  Ed Pomnitz' computer consulting company (FXtra) which handles the technical side of "", is also able to offer Family Members a low-cost connection to the Internet, called "EZDial".  A special offer for low-cost EZDial is available in both the US and Canada, is economic ($15.95 USD per month) and reliable, with no pop-up ads, no-spam, privacy (does not sell your e-mail address), no set-up fee, free web space, unlimited access.  If you are interested and want to join-up, you need to go to and enter this PIN number when prompted: "ae80701".  If you need more information before you do, contact Ed at via e-mail.  The added benefit to us all is that Ed's company will donate another $2.00 per month to the Pomnitz Family Fund, which helps to underwrite our website and our other family activities.

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8.  NEWSLETTER MECHANICS:  TROUBLE VIEWING THE NEWSLETTER IN THIS FORMAT??:  Please notify to describe any problems you are having.  This Newsletter is composed and sent to you in "html format".  Some subscribers may not have computers capable of handling html or graphics in their e-mail.  If you are having difficulty with this E-Mail, go to the Newsletter section on our family website.  You can print a copy if you wish.

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9.  CONTACT INFORMATION:  To Subscribe or Un-subscribe to this Newsletter, or to correct names and addresses, please do so online at:

or send a regular postal letter to the address below.

PLEASE DO SIGN OUR GUEST BOOK on your next visit to The Pomnitz Family Web:

SEND E-MAIL REPLIES TO  Replies by regular postal mail may be sent to Ed Pomnitz, Acting Editor, Pomnitz Family Newsletter, 7891 Marlborough Ave., Parma, Ohio 44129, (440) 842-6968.

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10.  OUR READERS SAY - Letters From our Readers:

  2/1/04 - Chuck Pomnitz - Newsletter:  
Our Readers Say...Congratulations on a grand issue of the family newsletter.  Our originally obscure little Village of Pomnitz has become a center of our world with arms reaching around the world and perhaps to still undiscovered treasures of family lore.  Our descendants will inherit a priceless trove of family knowledge which they may be inspired to build upon.  We, who have struggled with the very basic facts and have woven them into a grand epic, can be very gratified.  Your inspiring work is appreciated by all.
All best wishes,
- Chuck

It is personally rewarding as we make the discoveries large and small... And equally rewarding as we share them.

A SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS goes to Art Meissner for making this issue possible.
  - Ed

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Notes From The Goathouse

11.  NOTIZEN AUS DEM ZIEGENSTALL (Notes From The Goathouse):  By Art Meissner


Ed Pomnitz asked me to do this column one more time, for two reasons.

THE FIRST REASON is to tell you that WE STILL NEED A NEW EDITOR OF THE FAMILY NEWSLETTER. I've had my turn at it.  Ed is already the computer Guru maintaining the tree database, website, and newsletter Publisher, and is over his head in just making a living.

Now we need a new editor.  Is it you?  Someone in the family you figure would give it a go?  Please think about this, since the need is current and immediate.  If we cannot find an editor before the Family Reunion (July 17-18), it will be Topic # 1 at that meeting, believe me.

IF NO EDITOR IS FOUND, the newsletter will have to be put on the shelf after the August report on the Family Reunion.  That would mean the (temporary?) end of the newsletter.  Give it some thought!

The job surely does take a bit of time: soliciting articles; gathering them; putting them together; delivering them to our Esteemed Publisher, Ed.  But the rewards can be large: Getting familiar with the various branches of the Family and getting to know individuals.  The Job of the Editor can result in bringing us all a bit closer in a world where people are scattered and dehumanized by all the various pressures of modern society.  You can be a positive force in a World which needs some 'positivism'.

So, give it some MORE thought. Please.

Our two Toggenbergs, Tricia and daughter Elsa are rooting for us.  (Or should I say "bleating" for us?)  They keep asking me what The Family is doing these days.  Let's show 'em!


Till we meet again, God Bless us all.

- Art Meissner -

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12.  NEXT NEWSLETTER is tentatively scheduled for August 1, 2004.  It will contain a summary of then-current Family news as well as any articles submitted by family members.  Please help by submitting newsletter items no later than July 15, 2004.  You do not have to do a lot of writing:  Just list WHO in the Family did WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE.  ("How" and "Why" are optional.)  We will edit it for a future issue.  THANKS!

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If you have not struck oil in your
first three minutes, stop boring!"
- George Jessel

- George Jessel

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