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I'm the son of Barbara (Pomnitz) Page, who is the daughter of Charles Edwin Pomnitz.  I am doing a family genealogy of the Page and Pomnitz families and I would like to thank you for all of your research.  It has helped me greatly.  I would also like to thank you for those wonderful family trees that you had made for the last reunion, they were wonderful.  Thank you again. Best wishes, Alex

Alex Page

I am another Genealogist Webmaster, just appreciating your work.  Your doing a great job.  Our family is from Mecklenburg, in Northern Germany.

Darcy Pleckham

What a great, informative site, Ed.  GOOD JOB!!


Dear Ed,

I'm always SO impressed with your answers and with your depth of knowledge about all things computer!

Thanks for the reply.  It's so odd, but I've never looked at the newsletter on the website - I've always just read it from the e-mail.  It's beautiful - all the graphics & special touches.  I'll be checking it out more often there from now on.  The entire web site is so well done - you're doing a great job.  Thanks SO much...

...Thanks again for all your work, and for your reply.



Hi Art,

Let me introduce myself, I'm Gerry Cryderman, daughter of Jessie Petrove, grand-daughter of Maisie Hanmer.  Wanted to tell you we have an address change - I don't want to miss any of your "newsletters", I especially enjoy hearing about your goats.  Have a great summer.



Dear Ed,

You and your dedication are wonderful, really!  Thank you.

I'll go look at the web site now.  By the way, you were right.  I only had 32 mb of RAM, which was swamped by the website and would just freeze the computer.   I now have 256 and am loaded for bear!

Best to you & yours!, Love,


Subject:  Family Newsletter

I just wanted to say...GREAT JOB!!!   The newsletter this month was excellent.

I have a little story to share, I'm not sure if it's what you had in mind, but I'll tell you anyway.

My grandmother, Jesse Marie Hanmer was a huge fan of Elvis Presley.  And though I never knew her, I have always felt a connection to her because I too am a huge fan of Elvis.  I have her Elvis records today and I love to listen to them and think of her.

Thank you for doing such a great job with the newsletter.


Corinne Verscheure

Subject:  The Big Tree

I finally (slowly) got into "The Big Tree".  It is a treat.  Chuck must be/should be/will be thrilled with the access it affords to him and others.   Have you let him know, yet?

Excellent job.


Art (Meissner)

Subject:  Interesting Info

Hello There,
Imagine my surprise at typing in the word "Pomnitz" in my search engine and finding this page.  For some reason I have always believed that there were very few Pomnitz'en in the world, but I guess not.  I am starting to research my family history and this is an interesting find.  I am a Pomnitz myself, originally from Germany and emigrated to Canada in 1979.  If this is a relation to this line, I am not sure, but I would be interested in pursuing it.  My father's last name is Pomnitz.  I have a little bit of information on the background but have to dig it up again.  I will be exploring your site most definitely...

Best wishes,

Barb Pomnitz

Subject:  Newsletter

Dear Art,

What an excellent newsletter!  We owe a debt of thanks to the Associate Editor, Nancy, who on assignment from our Editor (her boss), did such a thorough job of reporting the reunion events.  And to you, Art, for putting it all in great order.  Of course the entire newsletter is comprised of invaluable family information.  What can I add about Ed's marvelous work?  The genealogical charts are wonderful and represent hours of tedious labor.  Ed, I'll bet, burned a lot of "midnight oil"in preparing this great surprise for us!  I have already had requests for copies and I don't know if it can be done...

...In our own little reprise of the reunion later, someone stated their amazement at the wonderful things we have going here; the reunions, the website and the newsletter.   All I can say is Amen!


Chuck and Helen (Pomnitz)


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