Photo Gallery #3 - Childhood Photographs...

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c0001_500x375.jpg (31471 bytes)
Charles & Jacob
Nora & Celia Pomnitz

c0002_500x375.jpg (34947 bytes)
Lara Pomnitz

c0003_500x375.jpg (40173 bytes)
Charles & Jacob

c0004_265x375.jpg (25488 bytes)
Jacob, Nora &
Charles Pomnitz

c0005_445x375.jpg (41933 bytes)
Grace Gockel

c0006_253x375.jpg (29138 bytes)
Kathy & Nelson Kelm
with June & Celia

c0007_312x375.jpg (47478 bytes)
Zach Pomnitz

c0008_252x375.jpg (28488 bytes)
Johanna Pomnitz

c0009a_289x375.jpg (29976 bytes)
Margarethe &
Caroline Pomnitz

c0010_500x375.jpg (50698 bytes)
Charles, Zach &
Lara Pomnitz

c0011_281x375.jpg (25921 bytes)
Ed Pomnitz

c0012_375x375.jpg (41128 bytes)
Jamie Pomnitz

c0013_281x375.jpg (31093 bytes)
Jamie & Ed

c0014_281x375.jpg (34986 bytes)
Gretchen Pomnitz

c0015_420x375.jpg (35811 bytes)
Branden & Rob

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