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The Pomnitz Family Web began as an endeavor to share the previous genealogy works of Charles Edwin Pomnitz and June Carol (Meissner) Kelm with known family members as well as others with the surname of Pomnitz (whom are likely related) and the many others with surnames related to Pomnitz which can be found within this site.  This site is in constant evolution as we tediously gather and sort through the facts to piece together our past lineage and as our tree continues to blossom.

As one will soon surmise, the Pomnitz surname is rooted in German history and origin.   Our roots have been traced back into the Late Middle Ages and can be identified by an area in Germany known as Pomnitz (or Pumlitz) at latitude 51° 09m 00s North and longitude 11° 42m 00s East.  It is within an area in which the Celts, Sorbs and Thuringians came to settle.  We were given our name from the Sorbic term "Settlement of the Pommen".

This site will tend to focus on the descendants of Adelbert Richard and Ida Marie Ernestina (Telshaw) *Pomnitz (Sr.) who married in 1875.  They had 10 children in total.  Two died of childhood disease, Minnie Ida and Rosa.  Ben Franklin Pomnitz was killed at the young age of 19 in a boating accident.  The remaining seven went on to marry and many of their descendents can be found here.

As the various factions of the Pomnitz families are recognized from the areas from which they migrated (e.g.; Obermöllern, Donndorf and Colledaer branches), we hope to soon discover the final location in Germany from which Adelbert Petrus Friedrich Pomnitz (Adelbert Richard's Father) migrated to the U.S.   The current indications are that it is either from Kiel or (the more likely) directly from Donndorf, Germany.   His father Johann Friedrich, and possibly his brother, Gustave Heinrich Friedrich Pomnitz seem to have migrated to Kiel, Germany.  As these are still no more than theories on my part, the search continues for the necessary pieces in an ongoing puzzle.

As a child I recall being told I was of German heritage from both my Father and Mother's sides.  This has rung quite accurate as far as my research has currently revealed.  I guess this should not be so much of a surprise as some 49.2 million American's claimed either sole or partial German Ancestry during the 1980 census.  The significance of this figure is that for the first time in more than 300 years, the leading ancestral background of America's residents was no longer British, but German.   I was also of the impression that I had but a few relatives.  Here, my impression has been proven to be quite inaccurate.

Sadly, I am not a "great teller of stories" from either my remembrances or those of others (I have a mind that lets things pass through like a screen door in a submarine).   Thus, fearing the loss of that knowledge (for which I have managed to gain) by inaccurately passing it on, I have found this site to be just the place to store my historical notes, biographies, stories and "remembrances" as I collect them from our various living family members.  I deeply regret not having taken a greater interest in my genealogy as a younger person.  I now, too painfully, recognize the serious loss of valuable information and endearing stories with the passing of each of our Elder Family Members.

Whether you are a first time visiting Guest or Family Member, please take the time to fill out our Guest Book and let us know your comments and thoughts.  If you believe you are related to any of the surnames found within this site, please don't hesitate to fill out our Feedback Form or E-Mail myself directly.

I dedicate this site to each and every one of our Family Members; past, present and future.  I dedicate this site to my Sons and Daughters, whom I hope will now better understand the extent of our living relatives and the breadth of our rich and fascinating Family History we have inherited from our Ancestors.

*Many records (e.g.; the U.S. Census and Detroit City Directories) will indicate "Pomnietzky" stemming from an illegal name change by Richard's Father, Adelbert Petrus Friedrich Pomnietzky (Pomnitz).

Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr. - May 16, 2000

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