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Thanks to all whom have contributed!

This area is dedicated to those whom have contributed to the building our site.   All family members are encouraged to become involved.  Whether it be helping to sponsor a Family Reunion or researching materials, for The Pomnitz Family Web we can use your help.  For more ideas on how you can "pitch in" see Contributing.  The following have been valuable resources to The Pomnitz Family Web and in keeping alive our Family Roots:

  • Financial Support
    Monitory contributions by anonymous members of the Pomnitz Family
    Hosting contributed by FXtra, Inc. 1999 - June, 2001
  • Genealogy
    The Mormon Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Mormon Library in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    Mormon Library in Westlake, Ohio
    The Cuyahoga County Public Library
    U.S. Census Records
    Detroit City Directory
    Burton Collection, Detroit Public Library
    Pedigree Charts of Charles Edwin Pomnitz
    Pedigree Charts of June Carol (Meissner) Kelm
    The Family Tree Maker (Broderbund)
  • Newsletter
    Arthur Milton Meissner - Editor - August 2000 - November 2003 
    Nancy Lynn Meissner - Associate Editor - July 2001 - Present
  • Photographs
    Arthur Milton Meissner
    Charles and Myra (Radde) Pomnitz
    Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr.
  • Research
    June Carol Kelm (Meissner)
    Charles Edwin Pomnitz
    Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr.
    James Tolson
  • Resources
    In Search of Your German Roots (Third Edition) by Angus Baxter
    In Search of Your European Roots (Second Edition) by Angus Baxter
    The German Americans by Anne Galichich
    Genealogical Research in Ohio by Kip Sperry
    Address Book for Germanic Genealogy (Sixth Edition) by Ernest Thode
    Beginner's Guide to Family History Research (Third Edition) by Desmond Walls Allen and Carolyn Earle Billingsley
    Treasury of Name Lore by Elsdon C. Smith (Copyright 1967).
  • Stories
    Arthur Milton Meissner
    John Charles Meissner, Jr.
    John Charles Meissner, IV
    Charles Edwin Pomnitz
    Edwin Charles Pomnitz, Sr.

A Special Word of Thanks

Our sincere gratitude is in order for all whom have lent their time, assistance, photographs, materials, stories and suggestions to this effort.  Without them, none of this would be possible...Thanks!

A very special word of thanks goes to the following whom have demonstrated a heroic effort in discovery of the rich heritage our ancestors have left us:

  • June Carol (Meissner) Kelm (1914 - 1991)
    Who pioneered the effort in our roots tracing.  Through her efforts and records a foundation for generations to come was laid.
  • Charles Edwin Pomnitz
    Who inspired creation of this web site through his tremendous effort in research of our family roots.
  • Charles Griffith Pomnitz (1914 - 1993) & Myra Madeline (Radde)  Pomnitz
    Whom cared for the Family Bible and historical photographs for so many years and thus now available for all to see within this site.

A very special word of thanks goes to the following whom dedicated their time and have opened their doors to host our wonderful Biennial Family Reunions:

  • Jim & Pat Kusiak
    Co-Host was Barbara Page
    Hosts were Meissner and Pomnitz Families
    McComb Township, Michigan - June 23rd, 2001
  • Don & Marion McKeown
    Hosts were McKeown, Gow and Borras Families
    Fergus, Ontario - June 22th, 1991
    Fergus, Ontario - June 17th, 1995
    Fergus, Ontario - June 19th, 1999
  • John & Evelyn Meissner, Jr.
    Hosts were  Meissner and Pomnitz Families
    Dryden, Michigan - June 24th, 1989
    Dryden, Michigan - June 26th, 1993
    Dryden, Michigan - June 28th, 1997
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