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Your continuing contributions are both needed and appreciated!

Anyone with information or photographs whether historical or current and that would be of value to our site is encouraged to contact Ed Pomnitz.  Don't forget to include your own current Family Directory information.   You may use Your Feedback to let us know about errors you may have found and their appropriate corrections.   Please use the information found on this page for Submitting Your Information and Photographs.  A list of items that would help us make our site as informative and successful as possible follows next:

  • Births, Deaths and Marriages
    Make sure you let us know of any births, deaths, marriages that have occurred.  Our tree cannot not be complete without the recent events.  Tomorrow, these events are a part of the Pomnitz Family History!
  • Historical Information
    Short non-fictional stories that may be found in your local library, elsewhere on the Internet or especially in your own attic.
  • Historical Documents
    Copies of Birth Records, Death notices and Marriage Licenses will help us with the accuracy of our tree.  Public records of interest may help us trace our ancestors' travels.
  • Historical Family Tree Data
    Any information you may have for our Family Tree will be appreciated.   Don't forget your own historical data.  If you are related either biologically, by marriage or by adoption, we need your personal details and photo for our Family Tree (see "Our Tree Leafs").   A separate form will be added in the future to help you fill out the necessary information we are looking for.
  • Historical Photographs
    Any photographs of our ancestors and any pertinent information about the photograph.
  • Family Photographs
    Share your interesting group and individual photographs of our relatives that can be found in your very own photo album.  Be sure to include the pertinent information about your photographs.
  • Biographies and Stories
    We're looking for complete works and excerpts of existing autobiographies, biographies and memoirs of our ancestors.  Don't forget your own biography or memoir!   Perhaps, you can write about your mother's or father's life and times from both their stories they passed to you as well as your own recollections.  Old letters that you may have are a valuable source for interesting short stories.  Perhaps you would like to research and compose a non-fictional short story of your own.
  • Audio, Film and Video Clips
    In the future we will be looking for interesting film and video clips depicting individual achievements as well as special family gatherings.  Keep them well preserved and handy!
  • Submitting Your Information and Photographs
    If at all possible, please submit your contributions by E-Mail attachments.  File contributed in this fashion must be under four (4) megabytes.   Text documents may be in "plain text format" (.txt), "text rich format" or any version of Microsoft Word through the current.  Photographs may be scanned and sent as E-Mail attachments or mailed by U.S. Mail.  If scanning photos and if at all possible, please provide in .TIF format and exceeding 375 pixels in height.   All original works will be returned.  Any of the following media can be used to transport your contributions:
    1. 1.44 megabyte floppy disk via postal service.
    2. 100 megabyte Iomega disk via postal service.
    3. 250 megabyte Iomega disk via postal service.
    4. CD/R ROM via postal service.
    5. E-Mail attachments to:
    6. E-Mail me for special arrangements.
    7. U.S. Mail to:

      Ed Pomnitz
      7891 Marlborough Ave.
      Parma, OH  44129

    All original works and photos will be returned.
    Please do not ship irreplaceable valuable items.
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