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Navigation & Viewing Info
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I've put together a few tips on how you can best view and find your way around our web site.  Hopefully this covers all you need to know to locate items and have them display correctly on your system.

  • Screen Display
    Best results will be achieved by viewing in "Super VGA Mode" (SVGA - 800 x 600 pixels) and True Color (24,000 colors).
  • Browser Compatibility
    A Webmaster's nightmare is trying to achieve a great looking and functionally sound web site that works on all popular browsers.  Unfortunately, this can be a lofty and time consuming goal.  The intention of this site is to be viewable and functional in the majority of browsers in use.  We insure (test) that things "work properly" for 4.x and later versions of both Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator (which comprises the majority of the browser in use on the Internet).  We attempt to achieve the most out of the least common denominator with these flavors of web browsers.

    It should be noted that this site is most compatible with a vanilla copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (preferably the latest).  There are certain facilities used that require Explorer for the optimum viewing.  We've insured that use of "Explorer peculiar" facilities will not prevent viewing in Netscape Communicator browsers.  However, certain pages containing the use of such facilities as animated or flying text will appear static.

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    You can download the latest browser version from either Microsoft or Netscape using the buttons to the left.  If you are experiencing some form of difficulty, regardless of the type of browser you are attempting to view this site with, please report such using our Feedback page.
  • Audio
    This site utilizes embedded "Midi" (.mid) files for background music.  Most current day systems are provided with audio capabilities.  Sound volume may be adjusted utilizing volume control provided with your system.
  • Video
    Video files will be available in "Real Video" (.rm) format.  A "RealPlayer G2" must be installed on your system to view any of the video clips found within this site (coming soon).  Our site supports true file "streaming" ability which requires a minimal buffer time.  You may obtain a free "RealVideo" player direct from RealNetworks, Inc.

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  • Site Structure
    This site utilizes multiple frames viewing.  At the top of your screen (below your browser's tool bars) you will find the "Main Control Panel" buttons.   Pressing any of these will display "Menu Buttons" for the "Area" you've selected.  Further text hyperlinks and/or buttons may be found on various pages supporting access to further information either within or outside of this site.
  • Provided "Locator" Facilities
    To speed up locating specific items or to ascertain if an item exists on this web site, I've included both a Table of Content as well as a Search Facility.
  • Under Construction Areas
    As one can readily tell we have a long way to go to achieve an acceptable level of value in both available useful information and functionality.  In that I can dedicate only a small amount of time to what could be a full time endeavor, please bear with me.  It may be slow going, but we'll get there...some day.  Most of the effort at this time is going into research and photographic restoration as well as both analog and electornic preservation.  Therefore, you may encounter areas which display "under construction".  I don't like dead links, so hopefully you will not find any.

    Linking to this Site
    Links can be provided to any page within this site and the proper "frames" environment will automatically be set up as required by that page (with a couple of exceptions).  Attempting to link to any page within this site from an existing frames environment will automatically break the existing frames set and establish the necessary frames environment required by this site for "proper viewing".
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